Monday, July 5, 2010

A Quilting Challenge

Barb and I attended a quilt show in Marquette and purchased a stack of fat quarters from a vendor there. The fabric was definitely a bit out of our comfort zone, but we thought it would be fun to split the stack and each make something out of the same fabric. I ended up having to snitch a bit of Barb's portion to finish this quilt, and I added the background fabric. I really don't remember what she did with her fabrics or if I took all of them. Send me a photo Barb and I'll add it to this post!

Tropical RetreatThe quilt looks a little distorted -- in real life it's actually square. Just hanging in a bad spot for picture taking.
Quilting done by Ann Made Quilts in Chassell, original quilt design by Joan Kent Braga.

Completed March 2000.


  1. I think I gave you my fabrics. Didn't you make 2 quilts with this for a friend and one for yourself?

  2. thanks for tweaking my memory -- I forgot about that quilt!