Sunday, March 17, 2013

What Did You Do on National Quilting Day?

Which was yesterday - in case you didn't know.

It dawned on me in the morning that half of the month was gone and I hadn't even started on the quilting goals that I had already moved from February to March.  I decided National Quilting Day would be a good time to make an effort.

This scrappy log cabin quilt, which I put together last August, was one that I had hoped to quilt and bind.

Then I realized the reason I kept avoiding it was because I really wanted it to be bigger.  At 42x56 it might be nice enough for a child's napping quilt but I'd rather have it large enough for me - or someone closer to my size at least.

So yesterday I set about to add another column and another row to it.   It's now 56 x 70 - good enough.

I'll put the quilting and binding on my list of April goals while I decide what would work as a backing.  Til then I need to spend some time cleaning up the mess I made of my sewing room on National Quilting Day.

Friday, March 1, 2013

February's Lack of Progress

I didn't meet any of the sewing goals I posted for February -- didn't do a stitch.  For two of the weeks, I was busy helping to care for my mom after she had a fall.  We finally got her settled into a nursing home on Friday to get some therapy.  I don't know what my excuse could be for the rest of the month - I just kept procrastinating.  And it was a short month.

But the month wasn't a total loss.  I did manage to finish two small weaving projects.  My first attempts at weaving - and I really enjoyed it.

 I used a blue and white striped sheet for this one - strips cut on the bias.  I like the design that was created from the stripes.  The gold/white part was also a striped sheet, but was cut on the straight grain.

 They're both about the same size - perfect for a small table runner.

I'll shove the February goals into March and see if I have better luck.  It is a longer month.