Monday, December 27, 2010

A Christmas Gift

Terri had my name for Christmas this year and today my gift arrived in the mail. What a wonderful surprise! I have great admiration for anyone who can come up with an original design for a quilt and it comes naturally to Terri.

She tells me she picked out the fabrics in November, so she actually was able to put this together pretty quickly. She must have had the math all figured out ahead of time.

I'm guessing my tall, skinny house was her inspiration.

I'm loving it!


  1. What a wonderful surprise. Beautiful work, Terri~must have been a very busy December.

  2. WOW...what a beautiful quilt Terri made...such talent (wish I had)!


  3. I am quite impressed, she did it in that short of time. Beautiful!

  4. That is so beautiful...I only hope someday to be able to do something like that...I totally still need the math :)

  5. I never do the math ahead of time! I have a sketch and approximate percentages (oh, I'll need a couple yards for borders, some quarter/half yards for these parts, maybe a half yard for this, etc.) I don't do the math until I cut. A lot of it is improvising, which makes it tons of fun. I almost sent all of my sketches and notes so you could see my process! It's a little unruly. :D

  6. oooh, I love the quilt! I really admire quilts, but I have never made one. I think I am too messy and not patient enough to get corners square etc. So I am a quilt appreciator. The world needs those too!