Wednesday, December 15, 2010

UFO Challenge

Judy over at Patchwork Times is organizing a UFO Challenge for 2011. You can click on the icon on the right and check out her rules, but she does allow bending the rules to fit your hopes and expectations. I've chosen 6 UFO's to work on in 2011 -- here they are:
1. Kaffe Fassett Ice Cream Quilt -- complete assembly of quilt top. 2. Pink/Green Baby Quilt -- baste, quilt and bind.

3. Red/White/Blue Coin Quilt -- baste and quilt.
4. Homespun quilt -- baste and quilt.

5. 30's baby quilt -- assemble blocks and complete quilt top.

6. String quilt -- finish making blocks and assemble top.

Judy will be drawing numbers each month to determine which project we will work on. Since I have chosen only 6 projects, on the months that she draws numbers 7 through 12, my plan is to work on her monochromatic challenge of the month.
I was looking over my 2010 quilt photos and found that I had completed 8 quilts. Four of them were UFO's that I completed, four of them were quilts that I started and finished during the year. So my quilting goals for this year may be more than I can deliver, or hopefully Judy's challenges just may just be the motivation I need.
Stay tuned ;)
After completing my January UFO on time, I decided to forego the monochromatic challenge and instead added six more quilts to my UFO Challenge -- see post on January 30 for details.


  1. You go girl! No doubt you'll accomplish all you hope to and more. Belated happy bday! Looks like it was a fun day.

  2. Wonderful goals! Can't wait to see what you finish, love the pink and green baby quilt!

  3. ohhh! I love the 30s quilt! but i'm nervous about writing that because the last time I said something similar about a quilt- rebecca was born 9 months later ;0)

  4. Very pretty quilts. Are you going to give each two numbers so whatever number is called you have something to work on?

  5. Good plan, I think it is doable and I like how you have "bent the rules".

  6. Your photos are pleasant - just like you. And, as always, you are so inspiring. I'm on it!!

  7. Love love the quilts, esp the 30's one, post a pic when its together, would love to see!

  8. Beautiful quilt projects - and I agree: it sounds doable for the UFO challenge. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  9. Just joined the challenge. I love the projects you've listed, and I love that you've listed pictures and what you've got left to finish. I am looking forward to watching your progress this year!

  10. You can do it - if not Judy will motivate you! Love the fabrics for your quilts, you have a good eye!