Friday, March 9, 2012

Photo Challenge Day 9 - Faceless Self Portrait

With a little help from my sister, I figured out the delay timer thing.  I wonder if I'll remember how to do it tomorrow.

Here's something I do many times a day -- and most days that's the only exercise I get.

So much fun -- I had to take another picture.  This had been my first thought for today's photo until Barb posted.  I thought it might look like I was stealing her idea.

I decided this was the year I'd try to knit myself a sweater.  I've been enjoying the process -- I hope I end up with something I can wear.


  1. that's maybe where step aerobics was coined from.
    hey, if you finish that sweater sometime today, it could be today's assignment! get crackin' girl!! can't wait to see the finished product.