Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 16 Photo Challenge - Fences

I braved the cold wet windy sleety snow and drove around Calumet after work looking for fences that I could shoot from the comfort of my warm car.    It seemed like it would be cheating too much to take a picture of the horse fence again from my front porch.

Yes -- these were all taken today.  I wish I could trade April for the March we had.

I actually got out of the car to take the following pictures -- and was relieved to survive unscathed.  The road   here was a sheet of ice.

Here's a number to call if our winter weather appeals to you.

I took a quick run through Laurium to find one of these brick walls -- would they be considered fences?  I know there are some nicer ones, but I was ready to get home and have a hot bowl of soup so I settled for the first one I saw.  Again, I had to get out of my car.  Brrrrrr!

I remember coming on vacation to the Copper Country when I was a child.  These brick walls fascinated me.  I thought it would be the neatest thing to live in a house that was surrounded by a brick wall.  I'd dress in my Sunday best, have my mom put braids in my hair, and I'd walk back and forth on the wall with my arms outstretched for balance, and I would be the envy of all the kids in the neighborhood.


  1. cute story Carol. i too love those kind of brick fences.

  2. That was just the LOVLIEST post ever!! It made me smile way deep down in my heart...the child with braids walking the wall...the typical Calumet backyards. Wonderful.

  3. Me Three. Love the girl with braids. Wouldn't that be cute on a quilt.;)

    1. oooh -- that sounds like fun! Do it!

  4. The first photo speaks to me.