Saturday, April 7, 2012

Days 6 and 7 - April Photo Challenge

Day 6 - Funny

You'll have to use your imagination and picture this one yourself.  I spent the 6th of April driving home from downstate and the only funny of the day was before I left.  I managed to get the car all packed and almost took off before I realized I didn't have my purse.  Then I realized I had locked myself out of the house.  It was 6:15 a.m., it was 26 degrees, and Sharyn had been looking forward to no school, Greg home, and sleeping in.    For the next 45 minutes, I went from the back door to the front door to the doorwall and back again, knocking and ringing the bell, trying to wake someone.  I didn't care who it was but I really just wanted to wake up one person -- not the whole house, so I was a little hesitant with my knocking and ringing.  All the while, the dog sauntered from door to door and just looked at me as if to say "I'll wake them up for you if you give me a treat".  After 45 minutes, I got a little more insistent with my knocking and managed to rouse Greg.  Fortunately, Sharyn did manage to sleep through it all.

It was quite invigorating out there in the cold -- it really woke me up good for the drive!

Day 7 - The Moon

I took this photo in Sharyn & Greg's backyard.  It wasn't quite so scary going out in the dark since I wasn't home alone.


  1. 45 minutes! What a start! Probably you didn't think it was funny at the time.

    1. Actually I thought it was pretty funny -- since Sharyn had told me more than once not to lock myself out.

  2. Was just coming on here to say that yeah - all week I was telling her "don't lock yourself out" so it just makes it that much funnier. I never knew I was such a sound sleeper