Monday, September 10, 2012

Hand Stitching Week One

This is where I've been sitting every morning after breakfast, watching the morning news and slowly making progress on this quilt.  Thank you Bonnie for giving me a little push in the right direction -- My plan is to stick with it when the month is over and continue this routine until it's done.   I quilted for 6 1/4 hours the first week.  A lot of hours this week were spent taking an old quilt apart to square up the blocks -- but I don't suppose we get credit for unstitching.

My next hand quilting project will be finishing this one that sits in the other corner.

Check the links on Bonnie's blog to see the progress others are making.


  1. Unstitching and squaring up blocks on an old quilt ~ that's got to count for something. The progress you made last week is impressive ~ love the quilting design you chose.

  2. I've come through Bonnie's linky. What a gorgeous picture in your header. I've just checked out where Rutabaga is on Google maps. I agree, preparing has to count as time spent 'sewing'. Cheers, Carole