Saturday, December 1, 2012

A month of Christmas

I see I didn't post once in the month of November.  I've been missing it, but still have no progress on quilting projects to share.  I decided, for a little change of pace, I'd take you along with me on my daily walks.  I feel a little awkward snapping pictures of strangers' houses, but hopefully I'll get braver as the days go by.

This is the door of a business establishment (o.k. - actually it's a funeral parlor).  It was a little easier than taking a picture of a residence.  Such a pretty wreath - and I love the color and style of the door.

It's weird to be seeing such green grass in December.

I'd love a fence just like this - but I would not love to paint it!


  1. What festive wreaths/places! :)

  2. Been missing you so thanks for taking me along on your daily walk. Green grass in December is truly unusual.