Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Photo Hunt Day 2 - Entrance

The entrance to  my basement doesn't get used very often - it's unusual to have it shoveled out.  I cringe if I have to go through here - spiders and cobwebs take over from lack of use.  This week I had a flood in my basement so I had to sweep out the cobwebs for the guy who grinds roots out of sewer lines.  Actually I swept it out a few days earlier when I purchased a new washing machine -- thinking my old one had caused the flood.  Next week has to be better.


  1. Those old cellar doors are intriguing ~ can't help but wonder what's hidding behind. Flooded basement is not something anyone wants to find tho!

  2. I love these old basement doors. Especially the slanted ones. Your story to go with it is a bummer, though. Better days are comin'

  3. lovely color tones going on here!