Saturday, July 17, 2010

Calendar Quilts

In 1984, Barb and I had a plan to make "calendar quilts". Before the year began, we each picked out fabrics we would like for our quilts. She sent me her fabrics and I sent her my fabrics, saving enough to later add sashing and borders.

Every month, we would make a quilt block for each other and send it out. At the time, I was living in Walled Lake and she was in Boston Location, so it was a fun way to keep in touch. One rule we had was that the blocks all had to be pieced by hand.

For each month, we separately picked out a pattern that we felt represented that month. These are the blocks that Barb sent to me. I added the sashings and borders and assembled the quilt. Let's see if I can remember the block names and what they represented -- beginning at upper left and going to lower right.

January: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul (something many of us do in January)!
February:Amethyst (birthstone for February)
March: Weathervane
April: Double Wedding Ring
May is the logo for a quilt show we attended together at the mall in Troy -- good memories
June: Lover's Knot (Ma and Dad's anniversary)
July: Liberty Star
August: Lazy Days
September: Indian Summer
October: Devil's Claws (Halloween)
November: Turkey Tracks
December: Snowball Wreath

This next quilt is composed of the blocks I stitched and sent to Barb -- She did a beautiful job of putting them all together -- love her quilting stitches!

The blocks in this quilt are:
January - Snow Crystals
February - Arrowheads (I guess that must have made me think of cupid's arrows for Valentines)
March - Wedding Ring (for Barb & Bill's anniversary)
April - Lilies (for Easter)
May - American Tulip (memories of the Tulip Festival in Holland)
June - Memory (can't remember why;)
July - Strawberry Basket
August - County Fair
September - Best of All (for my favorite sis's birthday)
October - Love Ring (for Sweetest Day)
November - Storm at Sea (for Edmund Fitzgerald)
December - Bethlehem Star

It was always a treat to open up the mail and see what block had been made each month. We were both surprised that we never both came up with the same idea for a monthly block.


  1. Oh, we were so ambitious back then. We were mere beginners and yet we were thrilled to take on the task - and were never late, that I remember. Not only did we have to find a quilt name to match the month; but often we had to RE-draft the pattern to make it the 12" block size. The "memory" that slipped your mind was this: JUNE was the joint project quilt that we made. It was a memory quilt for mom & dad's 40th Anniversary. Each of us, Carol, Ann, Judy & I made 10 blocks for a total of 40 memories. Another major project that we joyously jumped into without much fear. Oh, to be young again.

  2. I LOVE the first photo..quilt blowing in the breeze.

  3. Great post! And I love the quilts.

  4. Beautiful quilts ~ both of them! The setting you used on your quilt is fabulous. Fun, fun memories!

  5. What a great idea!! I stopped by here earlier and forgot to look through through all the posts I hadn't seen yet- glad I came back!!