Thursday, July 1, 2010

Memories of a Road Trip

Several years ago, Barb and I were on a road trip that took us through Spring Green, Wisconsin, where we visited a neat quilt shop. This was my attempt to recreate a quilt I saw there.

2nd Finish for 2010

It will always bring back wonderful memories of that road trip. We stopped at numerous quilt shops along the way and I collected a few fat quarters for this quilt at almost every one of them.
Completed January 2010


  1. Ah, the memories. Was it (the one you saw) done in blues & tans? Spring Green is not too far from the HOUSE ON THE THAT was a trip!

  2. The one I saw was close to the same colors I chose -- the blue and tan one was the quilt you wanted to do ;)

  3. Beautiful quilts, all of them. And fun to get a look at them this way.