Thursday, July 1, 2010

Turtle Quilts

January 2010 Quilt 1

About January 2009, I was asked to make a quilt with turtles for a co-worker who was waiting for a grandbaby in July. I started working on the quilt shown above. I had gotten to the point of machine quilting it when I decided I wasn't real happy with the way it was going. So........ I went fabric shopping and came up with some fabric that had turtles on it and quickly put together the second quilt:

Turtle Quilt

Early this year I decided to finish the original quilt and ended up being quite pleased with the way it turned out. Should've stuck with it the first time! Anyway, it ended up being my first finish of 2010.


  1. I love the turtles trying to run from the snow underfoot.

  2. Carol, these are beautiful! Do you do work for hire? I absolutely love Andrew Paul's quilt too.

  3. Wow!!Amazing work Carol!! Too bad I wasn't your only niece...maybe I cold get one ! LOL