Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sisters' Choice

When Traditions was still operating, Barb and I were persuaded to teach a quilt class. We came up with this simple pattern appropriately named Sisters' Choice. It was a bit stressful preparing for the class, but once we got going it was lots of fun working with an enthusiastic bunch of students.

(I should have edited the neighbor's refrigerator out of this shot -- I guess I've gotten so used to it I forget it's there. The camo paint job has almost completely faded away so it is more noticeable now.)

The students all did a great job on their quilts -- I'd be curious to know if any of them continued their quilting adventure.

I won't even try to list the names in the correct order because I'd mess up for sure, but my records list our students as Martha, Wendy, Lianne, Danita, Sarah, Maria, Kathryn, Sally, Cathy, Myra, Marcy, and Jennifer. Looks like Sarah didn't make it to the photo shoot.

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  1. Wow. It looks so pretty. Who would have thought with all the stress of preparing that we'd look back on it as a fun memory. It WAS especially fun getting to know all these girls. You did good with the names.