Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Quilt for Al

Kevin's been on my mind all weekend -- ever since he called to tell me that he and Shannon will be getting married November 27. So when I was wondering if I had anything to put on my quilty blog, these photos came to mind.

After Al was born, Kevin decided he should make him a quilt. I don't remember having much input -- I did offer him some jeans squares, but he decided himself on the layout and with a little bit of instruction he stitched it together.

He wasn't able to finish it before we took a trip downstate, but he got busy while we were at Sharyn & Greg's and finished it up in time to give it to Al before we left.

I think he was hoping Al would be a little more excited about it.


  1. What a scream...that Kev. I forgot all about that. He has your creative genes (jeans)...whatever. Endearing pictures. I'm sure he's going to love you for it.

  2. Just a little payback for not giving her the ring when I was downstate ;)

  3. Love that you caught it all on film!