Sunday, August 1, 2010


Once in a while I try to organize my fabric and I end up with several buckets that look like this -

Then I'll have a day devoted to organizing the buckets, pitching the worst of the scraps, and cutting the rest of them into strips and squares of different sizes -- so I eventually have buckets that look a little neater and are ready to be used in a project. For a short time they look nice and neat like this -

or this -

I often end up sewing the squares into "half square triangles" and making them into little pinwheels, just because I love pinwheels . When the stack of pinwheels fills a bucket, I'll decide what to do with those.

The strips that I've cut don't stay organized for very long. When I start playing with them, the bucket ends up looking like this - and the rest of my sewing area looks much worse.

Here's my current project for the strips -

I'm having fun making these string blocks. They're only 6" square, so I have a long way to go before I have a decent sized quilt. I'm lovin' em!


  1. Your sharing is just delightful!

  2. Looks like the start of wonderful things! Inspiring to see how you use your scraps.