Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One for Me

This is the quilt I sleep under. Several years ago Ann, Barb, and I went on a quilt retreat at The Quilt Cottage in Hazelhurst, Wisconsin, (near Minocqua) and I spent most of my days there working on this quilt. Some time was also spent downstairs in the fabric shop. I know I have some pictures of that retreat - I just wish I had a clue where I put them.

The pattern is called "Puss in the Corner". I'm not a cat lover so I wasn't attracted to the name, but I do tend to look for patterns that are all squares or rectangles. I do add in some half-square triangles once in awhile, but that's about as far as my difficulty level goes.

I had previously made two full-size quilts, both of which I handquilted. I didn't want to spend the time handquilting this one, so I sent it off to Ann Sandberg of Ann Made Quilts in Chassell to be quilted. She designed the quilting pattern, drawing up roses similar to those in the fabric.
I used a light weight wool batting.

Oh my -- looked what showed up in my mailbox this week. I keep trying to go on a fabric diet, but then I start seeing new and fun fabrics and I can't resist. I need to make sure I don't run out of things to do when I retire.


  1. That quilt is special. Lots of fun memories! Tough to be on a fabric diet with all the fun fabrics available. Your latest choices are bound to turn into something beautiful.

  2. Ann did a wonderful job on the quilting, too! She mentioned how much she enjoys quilting your tops because the construction is so good.

  3. Those last two have me drooling!!