Monday, August 16, 2010

Miniature Quilt Show

Every fall for several years, we would have a miniature quilt show at Traditions. As a part of the quilt show, we would offer a challenge fabric that customers could purchase and use to make a miniature quilt to be displayed. Our guidelines were always pretty simple -- add as many fabrics as you wish but keep it under a certain size.

The shop was pretty small and the quilts were hung from clotheslines or on any bare surfaces we could find.

The quilt shown above is one of my favorites and usually hangs above my sewing machine. My sewing area was a little too messy to photograph, so Wendy did a great job as my assistant and prop.

I wish had some pictures of the quilts that other local quilters brought to display -- it was always fun when they started arriving to see the many different quilts that were made from the same fabric.

Some of the challenge quilts came from further away, from quilters who had ties to the area and enjoyed participating in the event.

The day of our quilt show was always one of the busier days at the shop and a day that I think many of our customers looked forward to each year. It was a real bonus when the weather cooperated and gave us a warm sunshiny fall day.


  1. Wow, I can't believe how many you gathered up. I have no clue where most of mine are. It's fun to remember those special days at the shop. Suprisingly, we also had a good "profit" day because the visitors would walk around with their eyes pointed upward at all the quilts hanging, yet still they found things to buy.

  2. I'm back here enjoying mini's again. Inspiring myself.