Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let it Snow!

We've been decorating an office Christmas tree that will soon be sent to Aspirus Wausau Hospital where it will be raffled off to benefit their hospice program. The theme of the tree is "Copper Country", so today I made these "copper" snowflakes to add to the tree.

These were made with my embroidery machine. Each snowflake takes about one hour to stitch out. Metallic thread isn't the easiest to work with and the last snowflake was the only one that completely stitched out without any thread breaks. It was a nice way to end the day!

Unfortunately, I didn't have any metallic copper thread so I used bronze. Hopefully there'll be someone in Wausau who doesn't know the difference.

I had a cute little guest at my house today. This one wanted to spend some time with "Auntie Carol"! How could I resist -- all my grandkids are so far away, I'm glad my sister is willing to share hers now and then.

She was a pleasure to have -- she quietly played with the dollies and puzzles, humming and singing all the while.

She and her sister and brother, along with their mom, joined Gram, Barb and me for our Friday night dinner. This one was thirsty!! Probably from all the pickles she ate.


  1. LOVE those copper/bronze snowflakes. Wanna do a bazaar table?? Ha ha. Love those kids too. Jersi was eating everyones pickles, so the waitress finally came out with a little plate heaping FULL of pickle slices for her. She was delighted.

  2. Cute kids!
    I love the snowflakes- they look coppery enough to me..

  3. OH how CUTE Carol!! Wish I could've came to eat w/you guys! Cute snowflakes too!


  4. The snowflakes are beautiful, Carol ~ antique copper no less. Kids are adorable. She probably felt like a princess to be able to spend the afternoon with her Auntie Carol. Making special memories.

  5. Love the snowflakes... very pretty!