Thursday, November 18, 2010

Terri's Quilt

My daughter Terri assembled this quilt top when she was still living at home -- more than 15 years ago, closer to 20 I'd guess. She left it behind when she moved out and I promised to quilt it for her. So. . . . . for close to 20 years, I slowly worked on it. Some years it never came out of the closet. Other years I'd pull it out determined to finish it and plan how many hours I'd have to work on it each week to finish it in that year. I finally shipped it off to her last year.

I certainly hope my current project doesn't take that long.

I got lazy when I reached the borders and resorted to machine quilting.

It ended up being a very cozy quilt. It sure kept me warm for many winter months while I stitched on it.

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  1. Beautiful job, Carol. Must have felt really good to finally get it in the mail.