Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wake Up and Quilt!

My friend Marianne called and woke me up at 8a.m., and I'm thankful she did! It's a beautiful, sunshiny morning and she came right over for a cup of coffee and some quilting. I love this quilt she's working on -- it's so bright and cheery, guaranteed to put a smile on your face even so early on a Saturday morning.

She also wanted to share her latest completed quilt, made for a special great nephew. I'm sure he's going to love it!

While she worked on her cherry quilt, I managed to get a little more hand quilting done on my February UFO challenge.

Most of the quilting on this one is done by machine. The solid white blocks are all done with the embroidery unit on my Viking.

February is a pretty short month, and I have quite a bit of quilting left to do on this one. Not sure if it'll be done before March 1, but I'm pleased with the progress I'm making. Without this challenge, it would still be sitting in a ball in a corner of my room.


  1. Wow. What a great start to a winter day!! Marianne is just so creative. Someday, get a picture of the mitts she made & show them here. They are amazing. I wish I had the ambish to join you in your challenge, but I just keep putzing along with nonsense. To everything there is a season.

  2. Nothing like a cup of sunshine and a quilty friend to share it with. Fun to see the progress you are making on your current ufo.