Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Quilt Winners!

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog and offered to help me do a little spring cleaning!
I went to to help me pick some winners -- this is what was decided there.

#75 - The hexagon quilt goes to Lynette

#54 - Jade wins the blue and green patchwork quilt

#86 - The crosses quilt is for Jen S

#47 -Virginia Niemela and her baby Elaine will get the pinwheel quilt

Lynette and Jade -- My sister will deliver your quilts when she comes downstate at the end of the month.
Jen and Virginia -- please email your addresses to ctosew at gmail dot com -- and I'll ship off your quilts soon.

Now I can start digging through this stash and decide what my next new project will be!

Or maybe there's something over here -

It definitely looks like I better get busy with some organizing!


  1. Thank You so much for doing this giveaway…I feel very blessed to have won! I guess my Irish luck came through for me today :) I don’t have any family members that make quilts or blankets of any kind so I am very excited to be able to have this quilt for my son. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

  2. You're certainly welcome Jade -- I'm happy to know it'll be cuddling a new baby boy!

  3. OOh, fun! I'm sure all the winners will love their new quilts.

  4. I was gone all day, what a fun surprise to find out I won. It is absolutely beautiful and I will treasure it. Carol you have such a big heart, thank you for your kindness. It was a ray of sunshine on a dark day. L

  5. I wish I would have known to ask to see your quilting room last summer when I visited at your house- looks awesome!

  6. You'll have to stop in the next time you're in town Jan -- but warn me so I can tear myself away from my sewing machine and vacuum up the dustballs.

  7. Looks pretty organized to me:)

  8. The quilt arrived and it is beautiful! Thank you!