Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag Day at the Cemetery

Barb and I went for a walk in the cemetery tonight -- so peaceful, and just enough breeze to chase away the bugs. Barb got some better shots of the many flags in the cemetery but this one at the memorial for veterans caught my eye.

I had left my camera downstate last weekend, so I asked Barb to bring hers. I wanted to get some pictures of the quilt I completed for May. I tried hanging it on the clothes line, but it was dragging the ground, so I brought it along on our trip to the cemetery and shot some pics there.

WARNING: If you find pictures of quilts on gravestones to be disrespectful, scroll no further.

I love the statues in the cemetery. I'm always a bit tempted to take a wire brush with me to clean up some of them -- but then I think the aging process adds some interest and maybe I really better just leave them alone.

But the ones that have been cared for do look nice.

And don't they look like they really enjoyed the chance to see my latest quilt? I think they may want me to come back.

Click on the picture a couple of times to get a much better look!

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