Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May UFO Challenge

I pushed pretty hard, but didn't manage to finish my May UFO Challenge in time. Give me another week and I should have it done.

The pattern I used for this quilt is called Yellow Brick Road -- not really appropriate for a pink and green quilt. I'm not one to name my quilts, but if I did, maybe Peppermint Pathway would be better.

I might have reached my goal if I had placed the crosshatching a little further apart, but this was something I've been wanting to try and this quilt needed a little extra effort to make me love it -- it's working!

Just a dozen more rows of quilting and it'll be ready for binding. I hope to finish the job before I head downstate next Thursday.

In other news -- I bought myself an early retirement gift. Still five months to go, but I didn't want to car shop in November, and this one looked like a pretty good deal.

The quilt that I'll be working on in June is this Ice Cream Quilt. My goal is simple for this one -- get it basted and begin the quilting process. I want to combine some hand quilting with machine quilting on this one so I'm not even hoping to have it complete by the end of the month. June looks to be a busy month and I want to sit back and enjoy with no pressure.

I do have a backing all ready for this one, but I'll have to order a batting and plan to get it basted after I return from downstate.

Check with Judy over at Patchwork Times for links to other May finishes.


  1. You have accomplished so much this month. That is a large quilt to do on your home machine. I like the cross hatch design. I have a new home sewing machine and I'm hoping it will get to quilting-or rather get me using it to quilt instead of sending my stuff out.

    i like the big log cabin ice cream top too. I look forward to seeing it quilted.

    Early happy retirement too.

    ment too!

  2. Love the quilting is worth the extra effort for sure!

  3. Your quilt looks great--the crosshatching is well worth your time! Such a big project to complete! And I look forward to your June quilt--I've always wanted to make a similar design, and yours is lovely! Congrats on a close to done finish (and your retirement present too!)

  4. That ice cream quilt is totally yummmmmy! Can't wait to see what you do! And congrats on your upcoming retirement -- more time to play!!!

  5. Peppermint Pathway is a great name! Nice job getting as far as you did! Congratulations on your retirement. From what I hear, you'll be busier than ever! :-)

  6. Love your ice cream quilt! Just beautiful!