Saturday, October 1, 2011

All Caught Up!

On the monthly UFO Challenges that is. 

The challenge for September was a bin of pink and brown fabrics that were intended to be made into a quilt top.  After digging through the bin and realizing that I had snitched too many of the pink fabrics for other projects, I decided to go with the brown.  I was motivated by the fact that I had committed to make a quilt for my nephew Dan -- pink and brown wouldn't do; it turned out to be a good reason to make a dent in my brown stash.

I used Judy's free pattern "Brown Quilt".  It went together perfectly and I completed the top just minutes before the deadline!

It still needs to be quilted and bound -- all in due time.

This morning, I also managed to finish the last stitches on binding the July UFO Challenge.

This one belongs to Sharyn ---

 but, I do love it and think that, instead of putting it in the mail, I'll hang onto it and enjoy it until she comes to pick it up.

I'm so glad that I joined Judy's challenge this year.  I've completed six quilts, and three quilt tops are ready to be quilted.  Amazing!

Judy picked #5 for October -- just what I was hoping for. It's this bin of 30's fabrics -- a nice change from the darker colors (and larger sizes) of my July and August challenges. 

I'll have fun putting together a baby quilt with these -- I think there's a few log cabin blocks in the bin to get me started!


  1. Wow, you sure got things done: congrats and good for you! Good luck for the Oct UFO!
    Have to go check on the Brown quilt pattern...

  2. Your brown quilt is great! I think will have to make one of those also. It does look very masculine and I am surrounded by men.

    Good job on getting so much done. I feel the same about the UFO challenge, it has made me finish 8 quilts that I think would have languished a much longer time had I not had that push from the challenge.

  3. I love that brown quilt and will be revisiting that pattern - I always need manly quilts for those grandsons. Judy C

  4. Love your brown quilt! Just perfect for a man, yet it's beautiful, too. lol Your July quilt is lovely. Congratulations on a productive September! :o)

  5. Very nice!! And perfect for a nephew, hmmmm..... I wonder what colour my nephew would like.

  6. The brown quilt is perfect for a guy - good choice to leave out the pinks! I like the July UFO stitching - fun to see all the different stuff in there.

  7. Way to that brown quilt! It's so funny when a project takes us so long to make that we have stolen the fabrics to put into another project! LOL

  8. I really like your brown quilt! It's perfect for a man. Good job!

  9. Great guy quilt--very striking, and congrats on your July UFO finish too! Your October UFO looks like it's going to be fun (but then I like the 30's fabrics). I'll be watching for your finish! :)

  10. Two finishes in one month...both very nice!