Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October UFO Challenge Finish

Just a couple of days late with this finish -- that's close enough for me!    My challenge for this month was to complete a baby quilt from my small bin of 30's fabrics.  I thought for sure this would be a log cabin quilt but that didn't work out too well.  I rethought my plan and came up with this.

I'm not sure why it took so long -- just a lazy month I guess.  With retirement coming in a few more days, I've been pushing off everything "until I retire!"  I finally decided this project couldn't wait for retirement and finished it.

I quilted it 1/4" from the seam in the sashing and in the ditch in the blocks.  The quilt measures 37" square so it didn't take long to quilt it. 

I backed it with the same fabric used to frame the blocks, and I bound it with a pretty pink I found in my stash. 

To me it ends up looking pretty girlish and pretty spring like -- and needing a good home. 

The first one to let me know you've delivered a baby girl next spring (after  March 21 and before June 22) can snuggle your precious bundle in this quilt. 

 I realize Winter hasn't even arrived yet and Spring seems pretty far away right now -- but if you think you might qualify for my giveaway, tie a string around your finger so you don't forget!


  1. LOVELOVE LOVE This!! Can't wait to see who gets it. Barb

  2. Carol, I am amazed at your talent - your work is beautiful! I will not qualify for your give away, because my great grandbaby girl will be born in the beginning of December 2011. I just wanted to say HI, and wish you a very happy retirement. Maybe we will be able to go to lunch, now that you'll have more time. Love, Patty

  3. Thanks so much Patty -- Lunch sounds like a great idea. I'll hunt you down soon.