Thursday, December 29, 2011

Scrappy Spider Web

At our annual quilt retreat in September, my sister pulled out an old project to work on -- a spider web quilt that she had started umpteen years ago.  She managed to finish enough blocks to make her happy and then gifted me with the remaining white triangles that are used to make the string blocks.  I guess she thought I don't have enough projects of my own to finish.

Last week she found some more triangles somewhere in her stash, and she put them in the back seat of my car when I wasn't looking.  When I saw them, I was reminded that I hadn't put this project on my list for the 2012 UFO Challenge.  I thought I better start working on it before January rolls around and Judy  picks a project number to start working on.


I dug out my scrap bins
 and got busy.

The blocks go together pretty quickly, but I soon realized I would need to put up a design wall to play with them.  I had bought a roll of batting for a design wall many months ago but hadn't gotten around to doing anything with it.  It took me several hours to find the staple gun that I had purchased for this project -- and about another 15 minutes to staple the batting to my sewing room wall.

This is so much more fun than laying them out on the living room floor.  Here they'll be a daily reminder that this project needs more work!  Not great lighting for pictures, especially at 5pm on a cloudy winter day, but I do love that I finally have a design wall to play with my blocks.  And I love my sister for giving me her unwanted triangles!


  1. You did good! Look at all those blocks already ~ and a design wall to show them off. Great stuff!

  2. These look great! Jodi at the Pleasant Home blog is doing a 2012 scrap quilt-along and I was thinking of doing a spider web.