Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Judy at Patchwork Times chose #5 for our January challenge.  That means I need to get working on my churn dash quilt.  I had listed this for 2011 but bumped it off and chose to get Dan's quilt finished instead.  I only have a few blocks made for this quilt and they finish at 6".  This is definitely not a one month project.  My plan last year was to work on it every month and hope to have it complete by the end of the year. That never happened.  

Hopefully I can make a little progress on it this month, but my goal will again be to complete it by the end of the year.  For sure. 

It's the 4th of January already and I haven't even started.  After putting up my design wall I got a little carried away making spider web blocks.

Yes, it looks a little cockeyed -- the blocks aren't sewn together yet.  I'll probably play with them for a few days, moving pieces around, until I realize that it really doesn't matter.  After all, this is a scrappy quilt.  I think it would be fun if the grandkids came to visit and they could move things around for awhile too.  

I love the memories that all the fabrics evoke.

Memories of quilt retreats, memories of road trips, and memories of quilts I've made for special people.  Lots of memories of the days of Traditions and buying trips to stock our fabric corner.

There are some fabrics in the quilt that make me wonder how they got into my stash.  They're so ugly that the only thing I could do with them was to cut them up into small pieces and use them in a scrap quilt.  For that, they work.

Working on a scrap quilt makes a real mess of the sewing room.   Now I need to clean things up so I can get some work done on my January challenge.


  1. Oh my ~ it looks like you've been having a ton of fun with fabric and memories! Have you noticed any serious depletion in your stash yet?

  2. Unfortunately no. I hope by the end of the year to notice a change.

  3. These grandkids would love to come visit but we still don't have a van. :(

  4. Love those spider webs! Isn't it amazing how many blocks you can make and still not make a dent in the scrap pile? lol Have fun! And good luck making progress on those churn dash blocks, too. They're so pretty! :o)