Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finally Some Snow!

Terri has been planning for awhile now to come for a visit with her boys during the week of Winter Carnival.  We were both starting to worry that they wouldn't see much more winter than they've seen in North Carolina.  Hopefully we won't go back to 40 degree temperatures and lose this all before they come.

Here are some photos so Robert and Philip can see that we're finally getting some winter!

It looks like I better shovel the front porch!

And the drift in front of the garage.

The photo above is my neighbor's house.  They live in Missouri.
They'll have a little work getting in if they come for a visit anytime soon.

I mostly use my back door in the winter, but I do try to keep this front porch shoveled out.  I'll be getting my exercise today.


  1. YAYYYYYYY!!!! Can't wait to show them! It's perfect!!

  2. Snow pics are so serene but I'm betting you are happy not to have had to shovel out to get to work this a.m. Love your new header photo.