Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter Company

Look who flew in for a visit!

All the way from North Carolina -- where they haven't seen any snow this winter.  The boys have never been up this far in Michigan before, so they think this is a pretty good winter.  Fortunately I live on the north end -- we at least have some snowbanks, even if most of them are dirty brown.

Barb had clued me in that there were a lot of deer up in Eagle River, so we took a ride up there to feed them some carrots.

They had never heard of deer eating carrots -- so they thought this was pretty funny.

Can you see the carrot in her mouth?

This looks like the same bunch Barb and Bill saw on Sunday.

I think today we'll check out the sledding hill -- before the temps drop too much.


  1. How fun for all of you. Wish you a whole bunch of new snow while they are visiting. Say hi from me.

  2. Carol, I enjoy keeping up with your adventures (especially of the quilting kind), and seeing what your family is up to next. So, I'm sending you the Versatile Blogger Award -- check it out!