Thursday, May 3, 2012

Random Challenge Photos

I never did get all the photos I would have liked to in April -- but here's the few I did capture.

Day 20 - Silhouette

I always love the view from my front porch when the sun is rising.

Day 21 - Eyes

that melt my heart.  And when he smiles and shares his dimples, I'm hooked!

Day 25 - My Neighborhood -- on a dreary day.

Day 28 - Nature

I had a chance to walk the nature trails at Kensington while I was downstate.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon for a hike.

I thought I'd share of few nature shots to make up for all the days that I completely missed.

I enjoyed the photo challenge even though I faded away three weeks into April.  I know some used the challenge to learn how to use their cameras.  I guess I'll never get there -- I point and shoot and hope for the best.  It was definitely fun to see all the pictures posted although I didn't always take the time to comment.   Thanks to all who shared!

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  1. and thank you for sharing these. Wonderful pictures all. Glad you made it home safe and well rested =).