Thursday, May 3, 2012


Mindi is having a May daily photo challenge.

I had no intention of attempting another photo challenge after almost failing the last one, but I decided I might pop in now and then.  When I went to take flowers to the cemetery today, I couldn't resist taking a picture of strangers at work.

It did make me feel like a creepy stalker, which reminded me -- for many years my brother called me "The Creep".  Actually he still does on occasion.


  1. Hey, wait. He called you "creep". Not THE Creep. Big difference. Especially when you consider he called me "Beep". And just to set the record straight, it WASN'T Rick.

  2. He still hasn't outgrown his teasing. ~a~

  3. haha! kids are all the same no matter the generation!
    glad you're back Carol.
    we went to that cemetary alot as kids with my mom and dad; both sets of their parents are buried there.
    raising kids myself, we didn't have a cemetary near-by where loved ones were buried.

  4. Woot, woot! I suckered you in. Well, here and there. In case you don't see my comment on your stitching post, I need to know where you found that fabric. It's AWESOME!!!!

  5. Now you might guilt me into taking another picture.
    Fabric info is on the other post.

  6. This is interesting, because Wendy enlightened Sharyn and me that you used to dream of having a job with dead people when you grew up. I never knew!

  7. LOL -- I wouldnt say that I dreamed about it. I think it was in fifth grade that we had to research a career we thought would be interesting. I wanted to research undertaking but I really don't remember if I actually did that. I probably picked something more conventional so that I would weird out my friends.