Thursday, July 12, 2012

July Post

I just noticed that I haven't posted since June 5.  I'm getting pretty lazy about this blogging stuff - but I suppose I could make a monthly attempt.

July started off with company for the holiday weekend.  A man and his dog.

The dog's name is Sunny -- and it's obvious that she's smitten with her owner.

Who wouldn't be?

I did make some progress on my churn dash quilt in the last month -- sashing done on 7 rows, three more to go and then I can start stitching the rows together.  I'm anxious to get this off of my design wall so I can have something new to look at.

I also had a special order that I put together this week.   I usually turn down special orders because they add a little unwanted stress to my life, but this one turned out to be a fun project -- I enjoyed playing in my pink stash again.

Hopefully I'll be back again in August -- maybe even sooner.


  1. Your flags are just so darn cheerful. Your son & girl are lovely people. Your churn dash - inspirationally beautiful.

  2. And Sunny? No offense, Bri, but I'm not an animal lover.

  3. loving the churn dash, jealous of your beautiful pink stash ~ those flags are perfect, wondered about your son and friend just the other day ~ glad he was able to come for a visit.


  4. Love the bunting!! So cute! Neat dog Brian, never mind my mom...LOL Katie

  5. I love the pink sash!!! And the pink quilt.

  6. Thanks for all of your sweet comments.

  7. Just now catching up on your blog... love the flags- thanks again for making them. I used them the other day in a session- so cute!

  8. I need to do a banner for my craft booth. Yours is adorable!