Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Churn Dash

While I was making an attempt to organize my sewing room last week, I came across the rows for my churn dash quilt .  This one was on my UFO list for 2011 but got replaced by a special order quilt.  I added it to my 2012 UFO Challenge list, and I felt pretty obligated to get it done this year.

I finally finished adding the borders to it this morning.

The thought of quilting this one is a little intimidating.  It'll probably go to the bottom of my "to be quilted" pile.

The blocks are 6" square.  I started out making the blocks with Christmas fabrics, then added other green and red prints from my stash for variety.

It has just a quiet, cozy Christmas feel to it.


  1. Six inch blocks into a full size quilt takes perseverance. Love how you placd the sashing print evenly around the blocks!

  2. from the picture it doesn't look "Christmas-e" so perhaps it can be a year-around quilt? Don't you love the way the wind is blowing it on the line! J

    1. I do think it would work year round; the Christmas prints are hardly noticeable. I love the windy days for taking quilt photos, but it sure takes a lot of pictures to come up with something that works at all.