Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Fun

I posted a picture of Wendy and Elizabeth on facebook - when they saw it they wanted me to post more of their pictures so I thought I'd do it here.

It was a perfect evening to relax at the beach.  Too cool to swim, but warm enough to play.  I don't relax much when the kids are in the water and I'm in charge, so this worked for me.

Brian found a fort on the hill and patiently spent the evening hauling flat rocks to make a floor inside.  He's pick up a rock, throw it a few feet, and continue this until it was close enough to carry into the fort.

Meanwhile, the girls set about making their own house on the beach --

with a little "help" from Mark.

I'm not sure what this other project was - other than good times.

When I tried to get a picture of Wendy and Elizabeth - they just wanted to goof around.

Fun times - I wish some of my grandkids would move to the Copper Country. I sure have no desire to move to the city.


  1. Great pictures, fun for you and the kids. (Elaine)

  2. Great post. The girls told me about the house they built and I visualized something 6 inches high. Impressive minds!

  3. Besides, if you moved to the city, they wouldn't get to spend chunks of time with you up north! Looks like sooo muchhh fun! Lucky kids.

  4. Enjoyable, memorable times!

  5. Ahhh! How blessed you are with such gorgeous grandkids.