Sunday, November 3, 2013

Was today our Indian Summer?

I'm not sure what the temperature has to be to call it Indian Summer, but I suspect today was as good as it's going to get this year.  When Barb called to see if I wanted to join her and Bill on a ride to the beach I jumped at the chance.

After helping to pick a few sauna rocks,  I left her on the beach to take pictures of footprints in the sand.

I decided to give my aching knee a break and not come back down these steps once I hauled my buckets of rocks to the top.

Instead, I spent my time wandering around in the park enjoying the sound of the dry leaves crunching under my feet.

On such a beautiful day, it was hard to believe that November has arrived and it won't be very long before these leaves are covered with snow.

There are still a few trees that are refusing to give up their leaves.

I haven't spent much time with my sewing machine all summer, but on the cold rainy days we've had I've started to cut out fabric and play a little bit - so I suspect I'll find time soon to start stitching.

All this color will have to be my sunshine for awhile.


  1. Thanks for sharing your day Carol. The photos are beautiful.

  2. It was a surprise that you captured a tree with that many leaves still intact. And I'm glad you got a shot of those steps. I thought of it, but didn't. Are you planning to join those hexagons by machine? Eeew, what a task!

    1. I started joining the hexies by machine - but it's frustrating me a bit. Haven't decided if I'll continue or switch to hand sewing. I'll give it another shot today and think about it some more.

  3. Great pictures ~ those empty swings look lonely. However you put those hexies together, they are going to make one gorgeous quilt. Good luck with construction.