Saturday, August 27, 2011

What a Guy Will Do For a Quilt

It recently came to my attention that a nephew was wanting a quilt and wondering about the cost.  His sister kindly suggested that he might barter for it.  That idea fit me perfectly.

Blueberry season is almost over and I still needed more to last me until next season.  So for starters I received two beautiful buckets full of wild blueberries!

It's a grand feeling to know that I have enough to last until next season!

He also agreed to come and wash the outside of my windows!

In addition to  not owning a ladder to reach the second story, I'm extremely afraid of heights.  I even have a hard time watching someone up there on a ladder.

It was a perfect day to get the windows washed!  Normally I don't like how they look with the sun shining through, but today they look awesome!

Thank you Dan -- and thank you for trusting me to fulfill my end of the deal knowing that there are a couple projects I have to finish before I get to yours!


  1. I'm thinking you will have all kinds of people coming out of the woodwork...wanting to do jobs for you! BARB