Thursday, July 26, 2012

My 36 Patch Process

Last July I joined a 36-patch quiltalong with Amanda Jean of crazy mom quilts.  I decided to use some of the softer colors in my Kaffe Fassett collection, and this was the start of my quilt top.

I soon ran out of colors that would work and so it got shoved into a bin for a year.  I finally pulled it out a year later but had a hard time getting interested in continuing with it.  Then I decided I wanted to see what would happen if I added a little brightness to it.

I liked the higher contrast blocks but I needed more of them.  Also, I made a few poor choices, leaving some of the blocks with no contrast at all -- I needed to replace at least a few of them.

Getting closer, but the purple polka dot didn't agree with me -- back to the sewing machine.

There are still some blocks that are lacking in contrast -- but I'm getting pretty tired of making this block so they'll probably stay in the quilt.  I'll play around with the layout a bit until I'm satisfied with the balance of color and then start stitching them together next week.  I do love having a design wall that allows me to play with the layout until I come up with something that makes me happy.  Just might be that the purple polka dot finds its way back into this quilt.   Or I may end up back at the machine, but not today.  My only real goal is to stick with fabrics I have and not go buy something new that I think may be just what it needs.

Or maybe this will work -


  1. Amazing me again. I like the final (picture) result best.

  2. So pretty, especially the last version! I am in awe of your talent.

    Sara K