Saturday, July 28, 2012

Using more scraps

I'll have to admit I'm not too crazy about the quilt I shared in my last post.  But please don't say "me either" because I'm a little touchy right now.  It seems like that often happens with quilts that I start and then put aside for any length of time.  I have to get better about finishing a project that I start -- or just get rid of it if I don't want to finish it while I'm still excited about it.

Anyway -- I needed something to cheer me up.  I had cut tons of 2-1/2" strips for the 36-patch quilt, and I had lots of end pieces left after I diced them up.  I thought I should be able to put them together into  something that would please me, so I made another baby quilt top.

I just love a scrappy look.  My design board still holds the 36-patch quilt, so I tried the clothesline.  It doesn't really show the colors too well.

Here's one indoors.

I love it -- it almost makes me want to have another baby to wrap it around.  Even the purple polka dots don't bother me.  Now I really really have to get busy and quilt a few of my tops.  Really.  That'll be my August goal.


  1. Wowee...Honestly, I love it. Glad if you had fun with this today. Sure beats painting a garage!!

  2. Your wish is my command... just give me until February ;0)

  3. Beautiful! I love it too!